Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meeting #4: Money Counts Financial Literacy Leaf and Cookie Business Introduction

Meeting #4
Dec 10, 2012

·         Daisy Kit
·         Kaper chart
·         Snackbox
·         4 trays for sorting money
·         Salt dough hands, paint, paint brushes, paint shirts
·         Little white gift bags for decorating
·         Check and $3.50 in cash to show how people might pay for cookies

Poem to attach to Rudolph Ornaments:
This is the hand
you used to hold,
when I was a Daisy,
just      years old!

Christmas 2012
Snack & Pre-Meeting: 

Opening & Business: Stand in horseshoe, do pledge and say Promise and Law.  Pass a daisy, say your name and favorite kind of cookie.

  Make New Friends Song, Promise Song, & “I’m a Little Daisy” (to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”):

I’m a Little Daisy standing tall, (Stand on tip toes)
I’m a Little Daisy friend to all, (Wave with right hand)
I’m a Little Daisy helping every day, (Clasp hands together)
and living my life the Girl Scout way. (Girl Scout sign)

Daisy Circle:  Talk about money and cookie business.

What activities do the girls like to do? (go to movies, gymnastics or dance lessons, library, play with toys) Write on dry-erase board.  Circle the ones that involve spending money.  List some other things that cost money (housing, cars, school, etc.)  What are some things our Troop does that costs money? 

Do you know how people earn money?  What are some things their parents do to earn money?
How could they earn money? (Help out more at home, sell unwanted items).

One way our Troop can earn money is by selling Cookies.  If your parents want, you can sell some Cookies and help the Troop earn money.  Cookies are $3.50 each.  How might people pay them for the cookies? (Check, cash—show what $3.50 could look like in different configurations).  Have them break into groups on floor and sort coins in trays to learn what coins looks like.

Paint Rudolph handprint ornaments.  Decorate gift bag for Rudolph ornaments.  

Closing: Do Daisy Hands, ask girls questions about the meeting, having them respond with a vote from zero to five fingers.  Do friendship squeeze.  Girl starts making a wish and sending a squeeze around the circle.  When the girl who began the squeeze gets it back she says, “Goodbye Daisy Girl Scouts.”  Everyone comes to center and says “1-2-3 Goodbye Daisy Girl Scouts”.

Pass out Financial Literacy Leaves
Next Meeting:  Jan. 7 at 4 p.m.

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