Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daisy Investiture Ceremony & Ice Cream Social

The Daisy Investiture Ceremony is a great time to get the girls' families together and host an ice cream social!  It's especially touching to see Dads and brothers come support the girls and take an interest in Girl Scouts.  Many Investiture plans I have seen have the girls each say something but we found that Kindergarteners who can't read aren't quite ready for this responsibility and so group participation in the ceremony is less stressful on all involved.  Here's a plan of events you can follow:


  • World Trefoil Pins
  • Daisy Membership Pins
  • Optional "fun" patches for Investiture and/or Ice Cream Social
  • vase of daisy flowers (stems separated so they are individual)
  • Troop flag or banner if you have one
  • Ice cream sundae bar (have parents contribute "fixin's")

LEADER: Good evening everyone. My name is Mrs. X, and Mrs. X the assistant leader and I would like to welcome you to the Investiture Ceremony for Daisy Girl Scout Troop #XXX. We're glad you could join us for this special occasion, it means a lot to your daughters. An Investiture is a ceremony to officially welcome a girl or adult into Girl Scouting for the first time. We start every meeting the same way and the girls wanted to show you what they’ve learned.  Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tonight is a very special night for us. It is the day when we receive our Daisy Girl Scout membership pins and officially become Girl Scouts. To do this, we each make a Promise -- the same Promise that all Girl Scouts, everywhere, make. We hold up three fingers to remind us that our Promise has three parts: to serve God and our country, to be helpful to others, and to try to be the best persons we can by following the Girl Scout Law. Let us make the Girl Scout sign now and say our Promise together.  All women and girls who are or were ever Girl Scouts, please stand up and renew your commitment by saying the Girl Scout Promise."
·         Promise and Law
·         Girls sing “Make New Friends” and “On My Honor”

LEADER: (Bouquet of daises on table) Flowers are pretty when they are separate, but put together in a vase they are a beautiful bouquet.  Just like these flowers, you girls are wonderful individuals who can come together as a troop to be even more wonderful as a group, doing fun things together. 

Hand girl daisy.  GIRL NAME, on your honor, will you be a valuable and important member of our troop, living by the Promise and follow the Girl Scout Law?

GIRL: “I will.” Asst. leader pins. Do for all girls.

ASSISTANT LEADER: “And Parents, on your honor, will you try to share in your daughter’s new Girl Scout interests?

Will you show appreciation for her efforts to live up to the Girl Scout Promise and Law and give her opportunities to practice her new skills at home?

And will you support Girl Scouting by working for and contributing to activities that
make Girl Scouting possible in our community?


LEADER: “Family and Friends, I present to you the Girl Scout Daisies Troop #XXX!  Congratulations Girls!

LEADER: (after applause, use the quiet sign to get everyone’s attention) Welcome to the world of Girl Scouting. We are all looking forward to having fun together, making friends, learning new things, and helping people. Wear your Daisy Girl Scout pin with pride and remember the Promise you made.  Now, we’re going to end our meeting the same way we end all our meetings, with a friendship circle.  The Daisies have decided to invite their families into the circle so please join around.  End by twisting out saying "1-2-3 Goodbye Daisies!"

The girls are hosting an ice cream social for their guests.  Girls, let’s remember our manners and let our guests go first to get their sundaes.

Girls serve refreshments to parents.


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  2. Thanks for sharing! What a great idea. We just had a scout patches party, would have been better with ice cream! Maybe next time..

  3. Love this!!! I have been a leader for 4 years, but this is my first time leading Daisies. I have kindergartners, too, and I know they would have trouble with the "traditional" Investiture ceremony. Thanks for posting this!