Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meeting #10--Yellow Petal Friendly & Helpful

Meeting #10: Yellow Petal “Friendly and Helpful”

·         Daisy Kit/Kaper chart
·         Snackbox
·         Masking tape
Snack & Pre-Meeting:  Talk about our visitor today (police officer)

Opening & Business: Stand in horseshoe, do pledge and say Promise and Law.  Pass a daisy, say one thing you do to be helpful around the house.

  Take My Hand and Join the Fun” (Tune: London Bridge) 
(motion: girls hold hands in circle one way, then sing again going the other)
Take my hand and join the fun,
Join the fun, join the fun,
Take my hand and join the fun,
I’m a Daisy

Daisy Circle:  Talk about Helpers (introduce Police Officer). What are some helpful things a policeman does?  What can we do to be helpful to a police officer?   Talk about being friendly.  Ask:
·         How does it feel when someone is friendly to you?
·         How does it feel when someone is unfriendly?
·         What are some things you can do to make people feel welcomed and included?
·         What do you do to help out at home? At school? In Girl Scouts?
·         Why is it important to help others?

Game:  “Friendly or Not?”

1. Ask the girls to stand single-file along the marked line (use masking tape or other demarcation)

2. Tell girls that you are going to call out some behaviors, or ways that people act. Girls should decide if the behavior is friendly or not friendly. If they think it is friendly, they should jump to the “Friendly” side of the line. If they think it is not friendly, they should jump to the “Not Friendly” side of the line.

·         There is a new student in your class. You invite her to play with you and your friends.
·         A girl from school smiles and says hello to you on the playground. You don’t say anything and go find your friends.
·         Your friend Maddie tells you that you should only play with her and not any of your other friends.
·         You invite some kids from your neighborhood over to your house to play. You share your
favorite toys with them.
·         You are playing tag on the playground and you get “tagged.” You don’t want to be “it” so you shout out, “I don’t want to be it. I’m not playing anymore!”
·         Your mom’s friend Mrs. Kale comes over to your house to see your mom. Your mom asks you to open the door. You open the door for Mrs. Kale, smile and say hello.
·         You’re making teams to play a game at school. You only choose your friends to be on your team and you tell the other kids that you don’t want them on your team.
·         Your older sister is so annoying sometimes. Sometimes she bosses you around and makes fun of you, so you make fun of her.
 ·         At a Girl Scout meeting, your friend Celia drops her fruit snacks on the dirty floor. There aren’t any extras. You help Celia pick up and throw away her fruit snacks. Then, you share some of yours with her.
·         Your birthday party is coming up and you invited all the girls from your class. A new girl just moved to town and joined your class. You invite her to your party.

Activity: Make Epsom Salts for Mom

Closing: Do friendship squeeze.   Everyone says “1-2-3 Goodbye Daisy Girl Scouts” and twists out of circle.

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