Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meeting # 6: World Thinking Day and Rose Petal "Making the World a Better Place"


·         Daisy Kit

·         Kaper chart

·         Snackbox

·         CD Player/CD (if I can find some Mexican kid songs)

·         Cups

·         Seeds

·         Dirt

·         Glue, paper, markers

Snack & Pre-Meeting: Read a children's book from Mexico

Opening & Business: Stand in horseshoe, do pledge and say Promise and Law. Pass a daisy, say your name and one thing you did over Winter break.


“I'm a Little Daisy"

"Make New Friends"

Daisy Circle:

Part 1: World Thinking Day- Mexico

Find USA on the globe; find Mexico on the globe (if I can find one :)

What do we know about Mexico? Foods they eat? Clothes they wear? Holidays they celebrate?

What things do girl scouts in Mexico do that we do here in the United States?

Talk about Mexico scouting info sheets (attached)

ACTIVITY: Play a Mexican childrens CD- dance!!

Part 2: Rose- Make the world a better place

We're part of the world, Mexico is part of the world- the world is a big place. Can we help the world, even if we’re small? How?


Planting flowers, plants, trees

Saving energy

Using resources wisely is in our Law- what does that mean?

Being kind

Helping others is part of our Law- how might that help the world?

Activity: Plant a seed.

Do Daisy Hands, friendship squeeze.

Ask girls to say a wish for the world & then send their squeeze around the circle.

“1-2-3 Goodbye Daisies!”

Pass out Rose Petal (Make the world a better place)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meeting #5: Purple Petal “Respecting Myself and Others”

Meeting #5: Purple Petal “Respecting Myself and Others”
  • ·         Daisy Kit/Kaper chart
  • ·         Snackbox
  • ·         11x17 construction paper for placemats
  • ·         Assortment of spoons, knives, forks, napkins, bowl, plates, cups for setting and tracing
Snack & Pre-Meeting:  Read “What would you say dear?”  Share an example of having good manners or explain why good manners are important?  Talk about table manner: napkin on the lap, elbows off the table, don`t eat with your mouth opened, don't say “yuck” if you don’t like it. 

Why is setting a table important?

·         Improves the appearance of the food served

·         Improves the tone/feeling of the meal

·         Makes people feel important

Opening & Business: Stand in horseshoe, do pledge and say Promise and Law.  Pass a daisy, say your favorite thing to do in winter.

  Take My Hand and Join the Fun” (Tune: London Bridge) 
(motion: girls hold hands in circle one way, then sing again going the other)
Take my hand and join the fun,
Join the fun, join the fun,
Take my hand and join the fun,
I’m a Daisy
Daisy Circle:  Respecting others means protecting their feelings and being kind-acting towards them like you would want to be treated.  Have your co-leader say something to you that would not be kind. For example, she could say, “Your hair is a mess” or “I don't like the shirt you are wearing today”. In response, you act sad.
Ask the girls what did your co-leader do that was disrespectful. Have a brief discussion.

Now re-enact the scene, but this time your co-leader acts kindly and says, ‘Gee, your hair looks great today!” or “I love that new shirt you are wearing!” Talk with the girls about the difference between the two episodes. How would they want to be treated?

To close this activity, break the girls into pairs or groups of three. Ask them to find one or two nice things to say about each other. Your co-leader and you should mediate what is said.

Read “I’m Gonna Like Me!” and talk about self-esteem.  List good qualities of girls on the dry erase board.

Pick a country for World Thinking Day for next time.

Activity: Work as a team to make a correct table setting.  Then with utensils of their own, make a correct table setting on their own placemats and trace/label where everything goes.

Write their families thank you notes for coming to Investiture.

Games:  Simon Says “Manners”.  
The person playing Simon says “Simon says please/thank you/excuse me/I like your hair/I’ll go after you/etc.” and they repeat those polite things, but if he says something impolite they don’t repeat it.  Take turns who is Simon.

Closing: Do friendship squeeze.   Everyone says “1-2-3 Goodbye Daisy Girl Scouts” and twists out of circle.

Pass out Purple Petal