Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daisy Glossary: Kaper Charts

I admit, when I first heard the term "Kapers" I thought small salty condiment you throw on chicken piccata.  BUT, it turns out Kapers (with a "k") are Girl Scouts' version of Chore Charts.  And every troop needs one!

There's no right way to do a Kaper chart, so find one that works for you.  Ours is designed to fit with a Daisy troop.  It's a series of Kapers on petals, and each girls makes a butterfly clothespin (Kaper Kreature) to pin on their Kaper for the day (keep the clothespins on between meeting and move them one space at the start of every meeting to keep job allocation fair).  **Remember, these little Scouts can't read yet, so pair a visual reminder of the duty along with the word.**

Daisy troop Kaper chart with Butterfly Kaper Kreature (for the girls' names)
Good Kapers for the first year of Daisies include: 

  • Cleanup Crew
  • Song Birds
  • Game Girls
  • Snack Hostess
  • Promise Leader
  • Flag Bearer 
  • Squeeze Starter

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